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Easy foolproof pastry for pies. Staple flaky pastry for pies. Easy Never Fail Pastry. French shortcrust pastry. Shortcrust pastry for sweet and savoury pies. Traditional shortcrust pastry. Simple Shortcrust Pastry. Easy shortcrust pastry. No butter pie pastry. Dessert shortcrust pastry.
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78 79 The pastry heart is a heart shaped flaky puff pastry, similar to a palmier or palm leaves pastry, that is usually topped with a white sugar icing that has a hard shell but is soft on the inside.
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Give the pastry quarter-turns as it expands and, provided you continue to roll backwards and forwards and not side-to-side, it will roll out into a round shape that will keep its shape and not shrink as it cooks. Rolling oblongs or squares.
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Wrap the dough in cling film as before and chill for 1015 minutes before using. How to make puff pastry. By Marcus Bean. See more How to make pastry recipes 11. Gluten-free savoury pastry. By Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney.
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In other types of pastry such as Danish pastry and croissants, the characteristic flaky texture is achieved by repeatedly rolling out a dough similar to that for yeast bread, spreading it with butter, and folding it to produce many thin layers.

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