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helicopter third-person singular simple present helicopters, present participle helicoptering, simple past and past participle helicoptered. transitive To transport by helicopter. intransitive To travel by helicopter. To rotate like a helicopter blade. helicoptering his jacket, helicoptering his arms. To overprotect one's' children, as a helicopter parent does.
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This distinctive looking, later serial number MD902 Explorer helicopter is in excellent condition and ready to fly. The aircaft can. Updated 03 Mar 2021. Contact Contact Favourite Compare Aircraft More Info. McDonnell Douglas Helicopter 902 Explorer. McDonnell Douglas Helicopter 902 Explorer.
What Is a Helicopter? NASA.
How to Make a Helicopter YouTube.
Hovering a Helicopter is Hilariously Hard Smarter Every Day 145 YouTube.
Sikorsky's' S-97 Raider Could Be A Revolutionary Light Helicopter.
It appears a solution to the Army's' needs already exists in the form of the Sikorsky S-97 Raider, a highly maneuverable light helicopter begun in 2010 in response to a solicitation for next-gen scout helicopters that was later canceled due to scarce funding.
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In 2017, 926 civil helicopters were shipped for 3.68 Billion, led by Airbus Helicopters with 1.87 Billion for 369 rotorcraft, Leonardo Helicopters with 806 Million for 102 first three-quarters only, Bell Helicopter with 696 Million for 132, then Robinson Helicopter with 161 Million for 305.

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