Have you always wanted to be in the place of big detectives? Do you like puzzles and it doesn’t matter if you have to break your head a bit? We’ve created Sherlofox Games for You. You don’t need anything other than a smartphone and an unparalleled detective sniff. Whether you are fond of classical criminals or you are strengthening the camp of fantasy fans, whether alone, in pairs or with friends, you can find the right challenge for you. During our games, you can get to know Budapest’s hidden and perhaps forgotten places! Don’t hesitate, the adventure is waiting for you!


Mindig is szerettél volna a nagy detektívek helyében lenni? Szereted a rejtvényeket és nem okoz gondot, ha egy kicsit törnöd kell a fejed? A Sherlofox Games játékait neked alkottuk meg. Nincs is másra szükséged, mint egy okostelefonra és páratlan nyomozói szimatodra. Mindegy, hogy a klasszikus krimikért rajongsz vagy a fantasy rajongók táborát erősíted, akár egyedül, párban vagy barátokkal, nálunk megtalálhatjátok a nektek való kihívást. Játékaink során szórakozva megismerhetitek Budapest eldugott és talán el is feledett helyeit! Ne habozz, a kaland csak Rátok vár!


For Fox Kids:

In these games, we also thought of our young investigators who are just testing their sniff.
The route is shorter, but you will need ingenuity for the tasks.

Be prepared fox kid, and go adventure!

From the age of 10, we recommend it with a parent or an adult supervision.

Kezdő nyomolvasóknak

For Beginner Trackers:

I’ll be the challenge for you if you are just making friends with riddles. During our trip, you have more chances to discover sights and landscapes in the same playful form.

Go ahead and sniff it out!

Furfangosabb ravaszdiknak

For more cunning foxes:

Choose me if you trust in your deviousness and your eagle eyes can see the smallest details. You have the opportunity to explore the city, but don’t forget about the success of your investigation.

Find the right mistery for you!

Vérprofi detektíveknek

For Pro Detectives

When you realize that you are the first one to solve the mysteries in the movies, and you can’t pay attention to a good thriller, then your time has come! Count with the danger because we left behind fewer clues and help, but for a resourceful detective like you, it won’t cause any problems, right?

The time has come to prove it!

special edition

Special Edition

If you want something really special!
It’s worth watching, because you never know what it holds for you and for how long!

special edition
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