Start game: Click on the START GAME to start the game. On the page that appears, enter your own code for one game we sent you in the e-mail and click on the NEXT. The code is valid until you play the games till the end, so if you make any mistake while playing the game (eg internet error) you can re-enter it but you can't play it again. :)

About the game: At each stop you get a riddle that you have to solve, and if you have the right solution, you can proceed to the next riddle by clicking on the NEXT button. Don't be frightened, if you don't have the right answer for the first time, you can try it as much time as you want! Once you have the right answer, you will get extra information about the place or a plus detail of the story. For each riddle, it will be marked whether we are expecting a text (A, B, C) or numerical (1,2,3) answer. This will be marked for all riddles. If you get stuck, you can get help by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. There is one help for every puzzle. Keep in mind that the Internet is not your enemy :)

What to watch for: Watch out for your values, adhere to the traffic rules and don't bother others! Be aware that you are playing, but not the whole city is playing with you! :)