Terms & Conditions

Agreement between Sherlofox Games Kkt. (4558 Ófehértó Táncsics Mihály utca 32., hereinafter: Service Provider), the Sherlofox Games website operator, and the one, who purchased (hereinafter: User) the Sherlofox Games sightseeing tracker game (hereinafter: Sherlofox Games).

The Sherlofox Games website is available at www.sherlofox.com.

1.1 Visiting the Website and viewing possible booking dates is not subject to prior registration. Some of the Sherlofox Games games are only available after a successful booking.

The booking process is:
– Fill in the form with real data

– Payment method selection

– If you choose the bank transfer payment method, the transfer fee will be transferred according to the automatic email message received from the system

– An e-mail message from the Service Provider about the crediting of the participation fee to the Service Provider’s account, which contains all information regarding the start of the game.

– In case of non-payment by the due date, the reservation will be automatically canceled by the Service Provider.

1.2 Upon booking, the User shall provide the following information:

– email address (required)

– name (required)

– phone number (optional)

Upon booking the Terms & Conditions of this Website and the Sherlofox Games as set out in this Agreement will be accepted.
1.3 The Service Provider is not liable for any damages arising from the inaccuracy of the information provided during the booking.

1.4 The Service Provider manages the data provided during the booking process in order to identify the User and issue the invoice.


2.1 The User may cancel the registered and already paid reservation by e-mail only.

2.2 If the User waives the reservation already paid at least 48 hours before the booked time, the Service Provider shall refund the full amount paid.

2.3 In case of cancellation within 48 hours prior to the booked time, the User shall not be entitled to refund the fee, however, the Service Provider shall give an opportunity to reserve another time.


3.1 Payment by credit card and bank transfer is possible. After the payment has been made, the payment will be posted and the Service Provider will send an electronic invoice to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking.


4.1 In Sherlofox Games, all participants are solely at their own risk.
4.2 A person under 14 years of age may participate in Sherlofox Games only with an adult.
4.3 Sherlofox Games may not involve any person under the influence of alcohol or other consciousness modifiers.
4.4 The duration of the Sherlofox Games game may vary from 1 hour to 6-7 hours, depending on the pace and ability of the user.
4.5 The User must have a smartphone and a stable internet connection throughout the game.
4.6 In the games of Sherlofox Games, only Users who can complete a 5 km walking tour can participate.


    5.1 The Service Provider provides the services of third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Partners”), in particular conveys catering services to the participants.
    5.2 Participants acknowledge that the Service Provider does not assume any responsibility for these intermediated services, and the Services are provided to the Participants by the Partners.

    6.1 The Service Provider shall not be liable for any personal, property, or non-pecuniary damage arising from or associated with participation in Sherlofox Games.
    6.2 The Service Provider excludes its responsibility for the inaccessibility, usability, lack of instructions or information, uselessness and incomprehensibility of the assets, stops on the tour line.
    6.3 Participants acknowledge and agree that they will only take part in the Sherlofox Games on their own responsibility, and that they cannot have any demands, if for any reasons, including any attributable reason to the Service Provider, they are unable to use Sherlofox Games as advertised.

6.4 The Service Provider shall also exclude any liability for third party services, including those provided by the Partners.
6.5 The vouchers sold by Sherlofox Games shall remain valid until the game is operational.


The Website, the Games, or any device, document, idea, or concept related thereto, is the intellectual property of Sherlofox Games Kkt. their copying, transfer, disclosure, use for the provision of services or any other purpose other than the foregoing is forbidden and the Service Provider shall use civil and criminal measures against such use.